Welcome to The Wilderness Blog!

Welcome to the Wilderness Reserve Blog

Nature is an unlimited source of inspiration and awe, and we look forward to sharing our stories, experiences, and knowledge with you here on The Wilderness Blog. Do you dream of escaping on a wilderness vacation? Or ever wonder about why animals act a certain way? Looking for hunting and fishing tips for your upcoming visit? You have come to the right place!

The Wilderness Reserve – Where Heaven and Earth Meet!

With 5,500 acres of natural beauty and 5 freshwater lakes located in the vast wilderness of Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, this reserve is unlike any other! Follow along on our blog to begin building your connection with nature right from the comfort of your home, learn more about Northwoods wildlife and find tips to make the most out of your next visit to The Wilderness! Have a great wilderness story to share? We would love to hear it!

Big Game Hunting & World Class Fishing

Big Game Northern WisconsinAdventurous sportsmen from around the world enjoy the thrill of big game hunting at The Wilderness. With private hunt packages, you get the chance at that elusive trophy for your wall and lifetime bragging rights. Our experienced guides ensure success for even first-time hunters! This quality-managed habitat provides challenging hunt opportunities for Whitetail Deer, Rocky Mountain elk, Grouse and Pheasants.

Love to contemplate life with a fishing pole in hand? The Wilderness has 5 private freshwater lakes, ideal for catching trophy muskies, bass, walleye, blue gill and perch. Secluded cabin rentals include a fishing boat for your own lake enjoyment. Don’t forget a camera to document your fishing prowess for all your buddies unfortunate enough to miss the trip of a lifetime!

Amazing Wilderness Experiences for Your Vacation!

Vacation Destination Northern WisconsinThe Wilderness is your ideal wilderness vacation destination for any season! A spring visit is perfect for wildflower lovers and the chance to encounter newborn fawns and calves or turtles traveling to lay their eggs. Hear the sand hill cranes echo their call from the hidden fields tucked away in the forest and the loons call out the perfect nesting locations on the lakes. Join us in the summer for swimming, hiking, biking, and canoeing – wherever your outdoor passion leads you! Fall in the Northwoods is truly stunning, with an astonishing array of colors just begging to be captured by a budding artist. The glistening snow of winter will have you eager to explore on snowshoes or cross-country skis.

And you never know what wildlife you will encounter, just around the bend or peeking around a tree! Create a lifelong connection with nature on your vacation. This peaceful setting is perfect for team-building corporate retreats, relaxing family vacations, or a romantic honeymoon getaway. Imagine your dream wilderness vacation, and then make it a reality at The Wilderness Reserve!

The Wilderness Blog – Educating, Entertaining, Exhilarating!

What will you find on The Wilderness Blog? Look forward to educational articles about local wildlife, native plants and more – everything from how to spot whitetail deer tracks and your favorite wildflowers to the healing qualities of dandelions and the health benefits of nature hiking. Read tips on musky fishing, elk hunting, and trap shooting. Enjoy first-hand accounts of life-changing wilderness encounters and exciting big game hunting tales. Laugh at hunting jokes and be touched by wilderness poetry. With nature as our inspiration, the sky’s the limit! Check back every week because we know you won’t want to miss a thing!

The Wilderness Reserve is more than a vacation destination, more than a wilderness retreat, much more than a big game hunting reserve. This is a space so special that heaven reaches down and touches earth, creating so much natural beauty and spirituality that a person can barely comprehend the wonder of it all. Here at The Wilderness, we revel in all of the lessons that nature provides and the whispered messages of the wild give us hope and clarity each day. We look forward to sharing these little bits of nature with you here on our blog, as we journey through the wonders of the wilderness together!

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