Pheasant Hunting – Companionship in Nature

Pheasant Hunting Phelps Wisconsin

Pheasant hunting can be the experience of a lifetime, one filled with companionship, challenge and rewards. Spending hours with nothing but the sounds of nature and the crisp autumn air, one can feel the vast touch of the wild in your heart and soul. And then the excitement of a bird hooting and the sudden rustling as a pheasant leaps up through the brush to take flight!

The Challenge of Pheasant Hunting

Outdoorsman crave the challenge of the hunt, and every hunter has his/her favorite game to chase. None are quite as fulfilling as hunting the quick footed, clever pheasant. It takes perseverance and patience to capture this prize!

The first challenge lays in the physical demands of pheasant hunting. Unlike hunting whitetail deer, bird hunting requires the hunter to search for his prey, stalking as silently as possible. You can’t wait for the pheasants to come to you. You must seek them out through the fields and marshes, relying on the keen smelling of your hunting dog. This could mean a long day hiking through the woods, and it’s helpful to make sure you are in shape and up for the day before heading out.

Additionally, where you find the pheasants can vary based on the time of day or the season. The best times are either early in the day, or the late afternoon, when the pheasants are busy feeding. The late morning and early afternoon will see them hiding under denser cover, more difficult to spot. And when the time does come to take a shot, it can be hard to get an accurate shot, as the tail makes up half of the pheasant’s body length. Practicing with clay shooting can help prepare you for the accuracy necessary to score your birds.

Pheasants are described as one of the smartest game birds, capable of eluding their natural predators and hunters that aren’t quick enough with their shot. When sensing danger, the pheasant quickly darts out of his hiding spot, dashing across the forest floor or leaping into quick flight. No matter how prepared you might be, this can be a startling flush, and even experienced hunters can easily miss the shot in all the excitement. But the challenges of pheasant hunting make the rewards that much better!

The Companionship of Pheasant Hunting

Pheasant hunting is traditionally a team sport. Hunters usually see a better success rate when hitting the woods in groups of three or more. Hunting as a team will flush out more birds, and allow for cover on multiple sides of a likely brush patch for more chances at a good shop. Spending the day in the woods with your best hunting buddies gives a unique sense of companionship, working together for a common goal while appreciating the wilderness around you.

This is also a great game to introduce young hunters to the joys of the sport. Trying to get a youngster interested while sitting patiently all day in a deer blind can often have the opposite effect. But pheasant hunting is very hands-on, and the excitement level is sure to capture a new hunter’s attention and make them a life-long lover of pheasant hunting. And nothing creates a deeper bond between a parent, or grandparent, and a child than a day in the wilderness!

Last is the unique companionship enforced between man and animal when pheasant hunting with a good hunting dog. Your hunting dog is the biggest asset you have out in the forest. Hunting pheasants together deepens the connection between you and your dog. Hunting dogs in the Northwoods truly are your best friend!

Northwoods Pheasant Hunting at The Wilderness Reserve

Pheasant Hunting | The Wilderness ReserveThe Wilderness Reserve provides 5500 acres of prime pheasant hunting land. Plan a group hunt with your best hunting buddies or a corporate retreat hunt with your team. Feel free to bring along your favorite hunting dog, or take advantage of our dog/handler pheasant hunting packages. Enjoy the companionship and challenge of pheasant hunting while immersing yourself in nature with an exciting bird hunting experience at The Wilderness Reserve!

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