Elevated Whitetail Deer Hunting

Advantage of Elevated Whitetail Hunting

The debate about hunting whitetail deer from the ground or from elevated positions brings many different views. Some feel that elevated hunting positions require less skill, reducing the true sportsmanship of the hunt. Others argue that it requires more skill and preparation for the hunt. But most hunting experts agree that positioning yourself in an elevated blind or stand greatly raises your chances of capturing a trophy whitetail buck.

Advantages of Elevated Hunting

Elevated Blind for HuntingHunting from an elevated position brings many advantages. Whether you choose a raised stand or box blind, you gain a unique observation point that allows you to study the behavior and learn more about the deer’s patterns. The larger range of view increases your chances of spotting that trophy buck, while giving you the advantage of a downward trajectory shot. Your direct view won’t be blocked by brush or trees, and it’s hard to argue with a clearer and wider view.

If you choose to hunt from a tree stand, your scent is elevated and out of the direct path of the bucks. An elevated box blind further masks your scent, while also concealing your movement and muffling any sounds you make. This affords you almost total invisibility for your hunt. And, especially when hunting in the colder climates of Upper Peninsula and Northern Wisconsin, you will appreciate the protection from the elements that will allow you to hunt longer in greater comfort.

If you are hoping to introduce your child to the wonders of whitetail deer hunting, an elevated box blind is highly recommended. Children can get impatient with long periods of waiting in between action, and the blind’s walls can mask their antsy movements. Being up off the ground can add to the excitement of the hunt for young hunters, and they will appreciate the unique view of the wildlife and environment.

Choosing the Location for your Elevated Whitetail Deer Hunt

Choose Good Location for Elevated HuntBox blinds usually require more permanency in location, and it’s recommended that this hunting platform be used when you intend to hunt the same location for several seasons. Elevated stands, on the other hand, can be usually be put into place easier, fairly quickly and with little noise to alert the deer of your presence.

Choosing the right location for your stand is crucial to your hunting success. The first priority should be finding a location that the game congregates at. If you are experienced at reading the whitetail deer signs, and choose your spot accordingly, you will have a better chance at capturing your trophy. But don’t ignore the environmental factors around you!

Consider what time of day you will be hunting. Where will the sun be? You don’t want to be blinded by looking directly into the sun, nor do you want to be highlighted by the sun at your back. Whitetail deer don’t see well in direct light, so that allows you some leeway in selecting your spot. Give attention to wind patterns – even with an elevated position, you don’t want to be upwind from where the deer will linger. Make sure to find a straight tree that you can climb safely and that allows you a clear view of the terrain.

Practice Safety with Elevated Hunting

Practice Safety with Elevated HuntingRecommendations regarding the appropriate height of box blinds and elevated stands vary from 5 feet to 20 feet off the ground, but regardless of height, it’s crucial to make safety a priority. A fall from even a few feet off of the ground can leave you with a broken arm and down for the hunting season. Purchase a safety strap and know how to correctly follow safety procedures. Stay alert – you don’t want to nod off and find yourself on the ground. Educate young hunters on climbing and rifle safety to ensure a positive hunting experience.

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