Whitetail Deer Hunting: Master the Quiet Hunt

Mastering Quiet Hunt for Whitetails

We have all been there – you are geared up and ready to capture that whitetail trophy you have been waiting for all year long. You finally spot the perfect buck and, oops, accidentally step on a twig and alert him to your presence. As the whitetail buck bounds off, you are left hitting yourself on the forehead for missing a great opportunity.

The Supreme Hearing of Whitetail Deer

The fact is that as humans, we can’t help but make noises that do not blend well into a natural setting or a whitetail’s habitat. And as hunters, we are up against hearing skills that are far superior to our own. Deer are blessed with incredible ears that can hear a small noise at least a quarter of a mile away. The funnel shaped sensitive area inside their ear even allows the deer to distinguish fairly accurately how far away the sound was made. How can you beat super hearing like that?

Whitetail deer, and Rocky Mountain elk and other members of the deer family, can turn their ears 180 degrees to pinpoint where a noise came from. If you have ever observed these wondrous creatures in their natural habitat, you will see them aiming their ears in different directions. Often, they are listening for a fawn or the rest of their herd, but sometimes it is a sign that they are aware of danger.

When a whitetail deer hears a noise, it will come instantly alert and point its ears in that direction. Then it holds as still as a statue while utilizing its other senses, like sight and smell, to determine if there is a threat. It may seem like a buck is looking directly at you, but if his ears are pointed a different direction, you are probably safe.

So what can you do to be more agile and stealthy when hunting that trophy buck? Well, it’s impossible to be completely silent while on the move, and if you prefer stalking your buck to sitting in a stand, you have to accept that fact. Nonetheless, we have to try, right? That’s why The Wilderness Reserve has put together some tips to help you master the quiet hunt.

Plan Ahead for a Quiet Hunt

  • ​The right footwear goes a long way – go for something with a softer sole that will mask any noises and allow you to tread lightly.
  • Dress appropriately – wool or soft cotton clothing won’t make a strange sound when brushing against tree branches or other pieces of clothing.
  • Silence all electronics before heading out for your hunt; you don’t want to scare away your trophy buck by a chirping cell phone!

Environmental Conditions Can Help Your Whitetail Hunt

Whitetail Hunt Environmental Conditions

  • Time your hunt to work with Mother Nature and take advantage of when the forest floor is softer, and thus quieter, like when the leaves are covered in an early morning dew.
  • Rainy days can mask any small noises that you do make, helping to provide a sound barrier between you and your trophy buck.
  • If you listen to the sounds of nature around you, you can time your movements as to mask them behind the call of a bird or a clap of thunder.

Watch Where You Step and How

Quiet Walking Hunting Whitetail

  • Know your terrain – what type of ground cover are you likely to encounter? What possible path would offer the quietest footing.
  • Whenever possible, watch for moss, solid rock or grassy spots to step.
  • Move on the balls of your feet, minimizing the area that your foot makes contact with potential noise makers.
  • Keep your weight on your back foot with your front foot testing the ground ahead.
  • Clear your path of twigs and branches with a good walking stick.
  • Walk in a step-step-pause pattern that mimics the natural footsteps of the wildlife around you.
  • Pause at random intervals, as an animal would. Constantly moving forward can give you away and it’s worth your time to move slower and pause to blend in.

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