Wisconsin Hunting Preserves

What used to be known as Smoky Lake Reserve, The Wilderness Reserve continues to give Wisconsin hunting preserves a good name. Remaining true to a continuing tradition of fishing and hunting, this is the place of any hunters’ dreams. For over 5 decades, this reserve has kept the hunting experience available to all. The Wilderness Reserve is one of the largest and leading historic preserves in the country!

When you book a trip with The Wilderness Reserve, you are booking an adventure at one of the most thrilling Wisconsin hunting preserves in the state. Give us a call, today!

We all known that when cities begin to develop, open land becomes even more difficult to come by. This makes it unbelievably valuable. When there are fewer areas of land to hunt on, less people decide to become hunters. Therefore, Wisconsin hunting preserves are crucial! So, what exactly are hunting preserves? Hunting preserves are collections of land that have licensing from their states to offer the public hunting for a set fee. The Wilderness Reserve offers a 5,500-acre hunting preserve that is made up of impressive, well-kept habitat. Are you looking for a natural, challenging environment? Come see us for a unique trophy whitetail, elk, or upland bird hunt. With the vast nature of the acreage, this preserve easily allows Whitetail and Elk to move freely throughout the fields, forests, and marshes, giving hunters of all ages a fair challenge to hunt!

There are many benefits to Wisconsin hunting preserves, some not as obvious as others! Let’s take a look at the many things that make hunting preserves truly great.

Miles of Untouched Wilderness

The Wilderness Reserve is one of the most appealing options when it comes to experiencing the great outdoors in its most natural state. When Wisconsin hunting preserves are meticulously kept throughout time, it continues the beauty of the wilderness. Boasting with endless miles of forests, lakes, and trails, you can capture breathtaking scenes while you revel in numerous outdoor activities year-round! The peaceful, striking landscape allows you to enter a tranquil escape from daily life. The Wilderness Reserve will leave you with a unique, lasting memory!

Lodging, Dinner, Transportation, and More

At more than a few hunting preserves, you can finish up your hunt and head to your lodging! With some even offering dinner and transportation, you can be set for the day and not have to worry about a thing. At The Wilderness Reserve, you can choose from four different lodging options that all come with a wood burning fireplace to make yourself warm and comfortable after a day of hunting. With satellite TV and high speed internet, you can enjoy some time inside. Want to take in the great outdoors even more? Each cabin is conveniently located right on the lake and includes an outdoor fire pit!

Quality Time and Activities for All

If you’re not big on hunting, Wisconsin hunting preserves will still satisfy you! This is the perfect opportunity to spend time quality time with you family and friends. With increasing amounts of amenities, The Wilderness Reserve is a place that you will never tire of. Shooting sports and numerous trails to bike and hike on make for a great experience for an active outdoorsman. If you’re planning to travel during warmer weather, five private lakes offer fishing, boating, and swimming for hours on end.

If you’re ahead of the game and already planning for next year, Wisconsin hunting preserves are waiting for you! You can take part in the adventure and thrill of a guided hunt right at The Wilderness Reserve. With a convenient location right in the Midwest, the experience of trophy hunting is right at your fingertips. Every time you visit, you’ll receive a unique experience!

When you book a trip with The Wilderness Reserve, you are booking with the largest historic Wisconsin hunting preserve in the country. With an opportunity to hunt world-class trophy Elk, whitetail deer, and more, you can easily fulfill your dreams. For any level of experience, our guided hunts offer a challenge for all. Contact us and reserve your trophy, today!