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The Wilderness Reserve is pleased to offer freshly designed sporting clay and skeet shooting ranges. Our ranges are designed with layout and target sequences to replicate hunting scenarios and assisted with the safety protocols and signage for each course. The Wilderness also provides a trapshooting range.

These shooting ranges provide a fun activity for big game hunters and corporate retreats attendees and are available for reservation by local residents as well. Each course is set to a moderate skill level to accommodate shooters of varying abilities, in the beautiful surroundings of this 5,500 acre historic reserve.

Prepare for your upland bird hunt or practice your shooting skills at The Wilderness Reserve’s secluded skeet, sporting clay, and trapshooting ranges. Skeet shooting, located next to the hunting lodge, is the perfect group activity for your hunting vacation!

High Quality Shooting Courses in Vilas County Wisconsin

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Sporting Clay Range

The sporting clay range includes 8 different stations with different presentations at each station for a walk through course with 50 shots. This activity, which is a great group sport, is designed to mimic the action of hunting pheasants, other upland birds, and even rabbits.

Often called “golf with a shotgun,” shooting sporting clays is a fun way to practice and improve your bird shooting skills as you take aim at both single and paired off sequences. Because each terrain and design is different, no two sporting clay courses are the same.

Skeet Shooting

Skeet shooting is one of the oldest sport shooting games, and one of the most popular. The course is made up of 8 shooting stations, with two houses throwing targets at fixed angles in a crisscross pattern. The high house throws the targets about 15 feet in the air from 10 feet off the ground.

The low house targets reach a similar height, but are launched from about 3 ½ feet from the ground. Shooters move around the course from station to station in a half mood shape to try and hit the 25 targets. Skeet uses the same clay targets as trap.

Trap Shooting

As the oldest shotgun shooting sport in America, trap gets its name from the mechanism, called a trap, which throws clay targets into the air. There is one trap house in front of the shooter instead of the two houses used in skeet shooting. The clay pigeons are thrown out in front of the shooter vs. across the shooter in skeet. Trap is usually shot at five positions with five shooters.

A round of trap consists of 25 targets per shooter. Each position consists of 5 clay pigeons per station and each shooter rotates one station to their right after completing 5 clays per station. Trap is an exhilarating shooting sport for all ages!