Elk Hunting Midwest

When Elk Hunting in the Midwest, you experience a hunting thrill like no other. Though it may seem obvious to most people, it’s important to remember that elk are giant animals! They can be up to three to four times larger than the last deer you shot. A sizable bull can weigh 800 pounds, and a cow 450 pounds. In other words – this is some substantial weight!

At The Wilderness Reserve, you can participate in the adventure of hunting one of the bulkiest animals in the country. So, let us assist you with our guided elk hunting Midwest hunts!

When you have an elk down, you have to know what you’re going to do next. So, if you haven’t prepared for the next steps on an animal this large, you better think again! Knowing how to field dress it, quarter it, and then methodically get that carcass to a cooler environment, you also have to keep it safe away from predators that want to share your elk with you! If you aren’t properly preparing to take care of this type of game after getting it on the ground, this could certainly be a disaster waiting to happen. Above all, no matter what the hunt is, making sure that you have the proper tools and insight is crucial!  You certainly won’t have to worry about any of these things if you’re hunting at The Wilderness Reserve.

When elk hunting Midwest, timing can be critical. It is commonly thought that elk are constantly bugling and will hastily come towards a bugle call every time. Bulls mainly bugle during mating season, which generally reaches its highest point in late September! By mid-October, elk finish breeding. It’s possible that you may still hear occasional bugling. When the annual firearm season is open, elk tend to head for more secure areas. These can be canyons, remote basins, and other difficult to reach spots that hunters may avoid. Don’t forget to check lowlands! This is a popular area for elk to retreat. Although occasionally responding, it’s generally unheard of for bulls to approach. If you can detect the location of an elk, this will obviously be a huge advantage! At The Wilderness Reserve, our expert guides certainly have vast knowledge of elk’s patterns, so we will do the work for you.

If you don’t fear mother nature’s wrath, you may try elk hunting Midwest later in November! Although some states don’t permit late hunts during their general season, it’s worth the trouble to apply. This is a prime time for massive bulls, and a larger window of opportunity is available due to elk being forced to move from their hideaways within higher elevation. Heavy snow will push them into lower country where they are still able to scavenge for food. If you are going to brave this time of year, be prepared! The worst you can experience are subzero temperatures and blizzards. If you aren’t afraid, you may have a chance at some of the best bulls under these crude conditions!

Due to elk hunting Midwest being unavailable or extremely limited, there is a high demand for licensing. This makes it more of a challenge to utilize public land for elk hunts! Obtaining a nonresident tag may certainly be on one of the toughest parts of your elk hunt. So, would you like to avoid this? With The Wilderness Reserve you can! For big game hunting in a traditional style, you don’t have to go through the work of purchasing a hunting license or fighting crowds on public land. With a gigantic acreage in an ideal location, we will provide you with a thrilling elk hunt!

Whether this is your first elk hunt or you are a seasoned pro, The Wilderness Reserve is here to assist you with elk hunting Midwest. In other words – leave it to our pros to show you the way!

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