A Colossal Hunting Experience on a Vast Property

Vast Property The Wilderness Reserve

When it comes to big game hunts at The Wilderness Reserve, it’s about much more than a successful harvest. Beyond the sheer vastness of the property, the many outdoor opportunities, and quality game, it is the big game guides that really make the hunting experience a memorable one. In fact, an unforgettable experience for every guest is the personal mission of Wilderness Reserve’s big game guide, Brian Blettner.

A Passionate Hunting Guide & Outdoorsman

Brian Experienced Big Game Guides for HuntingBrian attacks the challenge of an unforgettable experience for each hunter. This should come as no surprise because he brings that same level of excitement to every task he does. One conversation with this big game guide and you instantly feel the bigger-than-life passion that Brian has for everything outdoors. This is quite contagious, infecting all those around him with the same deep appreciation for hunting and The Wilderness Reserve.

Brian’s interests go further than just hunting, though. From a young age, Brian has enjoyed every moment outside. From building his own aquariums, or stealing time to go fishing. When his father taught him to bow hunt as a teenager, Brian quickly committed himself to the sport. To this day, Brian will only hunt whitetails with a bow.

A Team Built of Multi-talented Individuals

Just like our other big game guides, Brian is a man of many talents. He has been a squad boss and sawyer captain forest firefighter for 20 years. Brian also spent several years as a high school English and Science teacher. He works with local bait and tackle store, Northern Waters Angling & Archery of Conover as well as running his own fishing guide business, Backwoods With Brian. And we can’t forget his musical inclinations – Brian plays drums with the Chill Billies in his spare time. The Chill Billies perform at Eagle Waters Resort during Pond Hockey weekend.
Multi-Talented TeamYou may wonder how Brian can fit all this in, but such an energetic person who craves that fresh air and the excitement of the wilderness will always find a way. Brian also participates with the Land O’Lakes Recreation Group, local Musky leagues, and an archery league with Northern Waters. And of course, spends a good deal of time out on the waters for that big catch or hunting grouse, ducks, geese, and whitetails.

A Unique Hunting Reserve Experience

With over 7 years of guiding on a high-fence reserve, Brian describes The Wilderness Reserve as a one-of-a-kind property. “It’s the sheer vastness of it – people are always surprised their first time because it feels more real than public land”, he explains. With 5,500 acres, The Wilderness Reserve is one of the largest hunting preserves in the country and this makes for a challenging hunt for even an experienced hunter. This is why it is crucial for the guides to know the property and the animals.

Brian describes his role as connecting each hunter with the perfect animal for that individual. He enjoys creating the opportunity for a successful and enjoyable experience. But it goes beyond the actual guiding of the hunts. Brian and the other guides love to make the whole weekend a blast, entertaining guests with their stories and adventures, introducing them to other outdoor activities, and just in general adding that something extra that guests appreciate.Unique Hunting Reserve Experience with Big Game GuidesA great example of this is meal times. Hunters are treated to three meals a day in the rustic Northwoods lodge, compliments of Teammate and experienced Chef Tom Neville, who loves to whip up delectable dishes for each evening’s dinner. These meals tend to be lively, filled with laughter and jokes, leaving all with full bellies and happy souls.

Discover the Wonders of Reserve Hunting

A weekend at The Wilderness Reserve is a wonderful way to bond with sons and daughters, strengthen ties, and rejuvenate a passion for the outdoors. With enthusiastic and personable big game guides like Brian, and a property so special that you won’t want to ever leave, your weekend will create memories that will last a lifetime. No words can describe an experience such as this, but we would love to hear you try!

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