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It’s Tradeshow Season! Will we be seeing you at one of them?

SHeep SHow

Hello from all of us here at
The Wilderness Reserve once again!

SHeep SHow

Reno, NV

Since our last publication, we have had a fantastic holiday season with friends and family, a few more late-season hunts, and literally a ton of other work being done, on and “off” the property.
When we refer to the work that is “off” the property, it is literally the most important work that we do throughout the year. In order to ensure that our entire fall hunting season is booked full of new and returning clients alike, not only do we need to be on our phones and computers all the time, but we personally want to meet and see everyone in-person. The cold winter months of 2019 means only one thing, and that is “Trade-Show Season”, where we get to travel the country and meet and see all the fellow sportsmen and sportswomen in the business, but more importantly, the phenomenal families and hunters that would like to come hunt with us up here in “Da Northwoods”, if they haven’t already. Obviously, not everyone books a hunt right away, but that never takes away from the excitement of meeting new people in our booth and hearing all their wonderful stories from the outdoor world. Our fantastic management team of Forrest and Lisa Pike, have launched our “Trade-Show Season” into a whole new world by heading out to the Safari Club International Convention in Reno, Nevada on January 9th-12th. With their experience in this business and literally amongst the best competition at any show this this nation, they were able to book several Elk and Whitetail hunts for this upcoming fall, and this is just the beginning!

On the way out to Reno, this dynamic duo stopped out in Denver, Colorado, where they did a television interview on a sports network and were able to share what we have to offer at The Wilderness Reserve, up here in northern Wisconsin and Michigan. On top of that, The Wilderness Reserve, helped to sponsor “The Extreme Rodeo Challenge” in Loveland, Colorado on New Years Eve, which was listed by USA Today at the number 8 event to do on New Years in the country!This event also netted the Wilderness Reserve another hunt!!

The traveling road has only just begun though, as we will be attending the “National Wild Turkey Federation Convention and Sport-Show” in Nashville, Tennessee, on February 13th-17th. We make the journey home, and then make it to “The Safari Club International Sport-Show” in Lake Geneva, WI on February 22nd-24th, immediately followed by “The Dixie Deer Classic” in Raleigh, North Carolina on March 1st-3rd. The end of March brings us closer to home again at “The Wisconsin Deer and Turkey Expo” in Madison, WI on March 29th-31st, which happens to bring us a little closer to our hearts, having so many friends, family, and fellow hunters in the area, visiting us there at our booth. Please believe that it’s not always about booking a hunt all the time, but just enjoying great company and fantastic stories that we get to share about the outdoors!

We have so much more to share about upcoming shows in April and beyond, but that will have to wait for the next publication, as well as our progress here “on-campus”. We have succeeded in harvesting 100% of the animals that we have wanted with our clients for almost three years now, and that comes from a lot of intense herd care and management. Every year, with our growing herds, our seasons are obviously becoming more exciting and literally “breath-taking”. We would love to see everyone at some of the shows so we could show you some of our pictures, and just generally share the same enthusiasm with you that we have here at The Wilderness Reserve on an everyday basis!

With warm regards,
Author Brian Blettner and The Wilderness Team