Hotels in Rhinelander

At The Wilderness Reserve we make it our mission to inspire and capture your heart with the historic wilderness and our character-filled cabins.

A Unique Escape

Have you ever wondered what other lodging options are out there besides hotels in Rhinelander? Vacations are important! So, you want to make sure you are making the best of every second – even while you’re sleeping. Whether you are looking to have a nature filled weekend or a relaxing getaway, choosing to rent a cabin is an effortless way to escape your busy everyday life. Well, look no further! Our cabin rentals at The Wilderness Reserve offer a unique lodging experience that you are sure to remember.


Activities For Everyone

While you can’t observe breathtaking forest scenery and crystal-clear waters at hotels in Rhinelander, at The Wilderness Reserve, you can! Ideal for canoeing, kayaking, and fishing, you don’t want to miss out on our five lakes. The beautiful Northwoods wildlife will appear in this serene area! Keep your eyes peeled for painted turtles bathing among the sun, or whitetail and trophy elk coming up to the shores. Hotels in Rhinelander can’t offer you this unique and tranquil experience, leaving you with memories for that last a lifetime.

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The Solitude You’ve Been Searching For

If you are looking for picturesque sights to see, you will not find that at hotels in Rhinelander! Instead, you will find heavily populated areas and a small amount of room. If you want to surround yourself with breathtaking views, especially at night, renting a cabin at The Wilderness Reserve is the perfect choice. Who wouldn’t rather have a gorgeous mountain view or a light show of stars in the night sky? It sure beats lights from other hotels or buildings, and other disruptive noise! Imagine stepping out onto your patio and viewing everything that nature has to offer. Whether it’s a lake, wildlife, a range of mountains, or even the beautiful trees, you can enjoy the breeze stress-free.


Bang For Your Buck

Are you looking to save some stress on your wallet? Unlike hotels in Rhinelander, you can reserve one of our cabins at a weekly rate. Cabins can be a more affordable option. Are you wondering what else makes a cabin unique? By bringing friends and family, you can not only split the costs of your stay, but you can all stay in the same area instead of being split up. With a full kitchen in each cabin, you can make meals and memories without having to leave the property. The cost of eating out can add up quickly! Cooking in your cabin is not only fun but can save you a significant amount of money during your stay. So, what’s not to love?