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Examining the Benefits of Hunting Preserves

Benefits of Hunting The Wilderness Reserve

Hunting is one of the most time-honored traditions, linking all mankind over the ages. Throughout history, the chase of wild game was done for necessity, sport, and excitement. Hunting preserves, like The Wilderness Reserve, seek to keep these outdoor traditions alive, and to enhance the experience for the next generation. However, with public land hunting and land lease options available, some question the benefits of preserve hunting.

The reality is that preserves offer opportunities to individuals that might otherwise never have the chance, and a higher level of quality game than can be found on public lands. The entire experience of hunting is improved on a preserve, and the idea that it is more expensive or ‘easier’ than public land hunting is often overstated. If you haven’t yet enjoyed hunting The Wilderness Reserve, read on to see why you should make this a tradition!

Hunting Reserves Open to All Outdoor Enthusiasts

Hunting preserves bring a successful hunt into the grasp of those that may otherwise miss out. Perhaps you have a busy work schedule, and can’t get away long enough to find a solid hunting spot and track your game. And traditional hunting seasons are confining for all. Or maybe you would like to introduce your wife and/or child to the joys in a more controlled environment. A hunting preserve may well be the answer to your hunting obstacles!

High fence operations work well for hunters of all ages, abilities and challenges. Only at a preserve can you hunt in a group comprised of a first-time youth shooter, a well-experienced sportsman seeking a challenge, and an aged hunter who would prefer to avoid the physical demands of public lands. Disabilities can easily be accommodated in a quality managed setting, and experienced guides are available to assist newcomers to the sport.

Find High Quality Trophies at Hunting Preserves

If you are looking to capture the trophy of a lifetime, a hunting preserve is your best option! Outside these unique hunting grounds, deer and elk populations are met by eager shooters looking to capture the biggest buck or bull. This can sometimes mean that the strongest genes are disappearing from the forests, leaving smaller males with lower quality genes to thrive and repopulate.

On a hunting preserve, quality big game animals are the winners and the breeders. This means that, when you are hunting at a quality managed preserve like The Wilderness Reserve, you are chasing trophies that you might never even have the chance to see on public lands. And with professional guides available to offer insight into the animal’s patterns, your likelihood of success is greatly improved. Still, as a The Wilderness Reserve team member says, you have to put in the effort if you want to harvest a trophy animal.

Myths about Hunting Preserves

Some hunters may believe that preserve hunting is not as challenging as hunting on public lands or private property. That belief is far from the truth, especially when it comes to large reserves like The Wilderness Reserve, which boasts of over 5,500 acres of managed forest, marshes, and fields. It is possible, without guidance, to wander the acres without seeing a whitetail deer or an elk for days. The challenge is still there, but the chances of harvesting the trophy is higher. Win-win situation for hunters of all abilities!

The second myth about hunting preserves is the expense. In reality, a trip out west to hunt big game could cost considerably more than a trip to The Wilderness Reserve, especially if you live in the Midwest. And you can’t simply fly to Colorado, get off the plane, harvest an elk, and head home the next day! Prep time, tracking, finding an animal and actually capturing the trophy all add up to more time away from work or your family, and more expenses. Travel, lodging, food, licenses, equipment – it all adds up.

At The Wilderness Reserve, your guided hunt trip is all-inclusive, including lodging in one of our secluded cabins, meals, guide service and quartering and capering of the game. You get ‘Out West’ big game hunting at a convenient location for an affordable price. No hidden fees or unexpected costs. And we have the amenities to ensure a memorable experience that will have you eager to return!

Elk Hunting in the Midwest

Benefits of preserve hunting elkHunting for a trophy elk can be one of the biggest challenges, no matter how experienced of a sportsman you are. The elusive bulls are difficult to find and uncanny in their ability to evade, and elk hunts are all too often unsuccessful on public lands. At The Wilderness, you will find trophy elk exceeding 400” B&C, freely roaming 5,500 acres of spectacular forests in Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. And with our experienced guides, you are sure to be presented with the opportunity to harvest a bull bigger than you had ever hoped!

Midwest Whitetail Deer Hunting

Hunting preserves have the unique ability to inspire a lifelong love of nature and passion for hunting in youth. Hunting public lands can mean long periods of waiting before even seeing the first whitetail, and your young one may grow impatient and lose interest. With preserve hunting, new hunters will be caught up in the excitement and amazed with each sighting of huge trophy deer, many more than 200” B&C and a few 300″B&C. And with the wonders of nature all around you, it’s impossible to ignore the call of the wild!

Supreme Midwest Pheasant Hunting

Preserve hunting Wisconsin pheasant Hunting preserves play an important role in the longstanding tradition of pheasant hunting as each protects a piece of our natural resources and preserves forested lands. Shrinking rural habitats often mean smaller bird populations, and hunting preserves fight this obstacle. In fact, the North American Gamebird Association & Foundation discuss the value of preserves, saying “Hunting preserves offer the opportunity for young and old alike to savor the flavor of bird hunting as it once was”. The Wilderness Reserve is happy to accommodate pheasant hunters of all abilities and skills levels.

Are you ready to try out a new bird dog, or fine tune a young ones skills? A pheasant hunting preserve is the place to do it, with the assurance of presenting the dog with its prey. Missing out on pheasant hunting because you don’t have a well-trained furry friend to assist in the hunt? The Wilderness Reserve offers dog/guide packages to ensure a successful experience!

No matter the wild game you seek to chase, The Wilderness Reserve is your Midwest hunting destination!

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