Elk in Wisconsin

Are you a Midwest hunter looking to hunt close to home?  At The Wilderness Reserve, we want to provide the best opportunities to hunt elk in Wisconsin. Young or old, hunters of all ages are welcome to find beauty in our guided hunts. So, join us for an adventure today!

Hassle Free Hunting

At The Wilderness Reserve, you can uncover the excitement of hunting elk in Wisconsin – one of America’s largest animals! With our privately guided elk hunts, you can never go wrong. Since the antlers can weigh over 40 pounds and the lean meat is outstanding, it’s no elk is popular! Licensing for elk hunting can be scarce, and sometimes even unavailable. The demand for licenses makes it tough to hunt for elk on public land.  This is where we come in! If you hunt with us, you have the privilege of experiencing the style of traditional big game hunts, hassle free. No need to acquire a license or worry about having to hunt on busy public land! We provide a thrilling elk hunt for all.

Professional Guided Hunts

No need to scout out the area before your hunt for elk in Wisconsin starts! Our guides scout out the best hunting areas year-round. Due to this, there’s no more worrying about being in the right place at the right time. By studying maps, and the terrain that you will venture throughout, we know best. In other words, you will be shown through the areas where you are most likely to find elk! Our guides at The Wilderness Reserve observe the region to allow you to start your hunt as soon as possible. Being familiar with the area is important! So, we make it a priority to have guides that know where to be and when to be there.

Deer/Elk outside

Being Prepared

When it comes to dressing for a hunt, you should always be prepared! The base layer is the most important layer when pursuing elk in Wisconsin. Depending on the weather, your clothing should be able to keep you comfortable and assist you in staying dry. During the earlier hunting season, it’s possible that you may consider a lighter weight suit for the rain! You can’t beat the ease of folding one up and throwing it into your pack. If you are out hunting elk in Wisconsin during the late season, it can help to dress in wool pants. A warm jacket can assist you as well, doubling as windproof and waterproof!

When it comes to elk hunting, The Wilderness Reserve knows where to hunt best with our guided hunts. Give us a call to plan your trip today!