Commemorate Your Hunt with a Big Game Trophy Mount!

Trophy Mount To Commemorate Hunt

You have booked your 2015 guided hunt at The Wilderness Reserve, and are eagerly anticipating the excitement and thrill of harvesting the big game trophy of a lifetime. Finally, the time comes and your dream of a trophy is realized amidst the beautiful forests of this vast reserve. Your guide was so helpful, the experience was wonderful, but now what?

Most hunters dream not just of a successful harvest, but of displaying your skills on the walls of your home. Deer and elk mounts are a great way to keep the memories of the hunt alive, and always inspire conversations where you have the chance to brag about your trophy. But you don’t want to wait until the hunt is over to consider a professional mount!

Explore the Choices for Trophy Mounts

Knowing your own preferences for trophy mount styles is a good place to start, even before heading out to the forests or finding the right taxidermist. Simple things like the tilt of the deer’s head can affect the feeling of the mount, and certain styles aren’t readily available or don’t work for every harvest. Mount styles include:

  • Full Mount: This is pretty rare, and many taxidermists aren’t equipped to handle this type of trophy display. This is also the most expensive option, and requires extra care during the hunt.
  • Half Mount: This style is also fairly uncommon, although slightly easier and more affordable than the full manikin.
  • Shoulder Mount: The most popular deer and elk mount includes the lower neck and the start of the torso. It allows great flexibility for tilt and antler display.
  • Neck Mount: Neck mounts include only the neck and head, which saves a bit of expense, compared to the shoulder mount, although it limits the display a bit.
  • Antler Mount: This is the most affordable option, and presents many options for creative display, while taking up the least amount of display room in your home.

Past the type of mount, you may have preferences about angles and the way the mount is displayed. A back-tilt bugling mount for elk is a wonderful way to convey a sense of action, while capturing the nature of this majestic creature. The tilt of a head, nose up or down, and other such decisions may have to be made with consideration of the rack, but you should still be prepared with the general idea of what you would like because this will likely drive your choice of taxidermist.

Find a Qualified Taxidermist for an Attractive Trophy Mount

The last thing you want, after investing time and money to harvest the big game trophy of your lifetime, is an unsatisfactory mount. This is why it is important to find a professional taxidermist that you can trust to commemorate your experience. Here at The Wilderness Reserve, this is easy because one of our experienced big game guides, Jim Beenken, is a master of creative wildlife art, and provides a variety of taxidermist services through Wildlife Expressions, Inc. Also, the fact that our guides are well-trained in retrieval and capering ensures that your buck or elk will be properly taken care of before sending off to be mounted.

The time to seek out the best professional is before the hunt, because they can often give you tips and styles to consider that will affect the hunt itself. For example, you don’t want to cut the neck or use a rope because you could reduce the chances of an attractive mount. This also ensures that your harvest will reach the taxidermist as fast as possible, which is best for quality. And if you are planning a hunt away from home, you will need to make plans for shipping or retrieval, which will factor into the final expense.

When selecting a wildlife artist for your mount, look for someone who has examples of their work at hand. It’s one thing to see pictures online and another to get up close and personal to the mounts. Seek out referrals, or ask for recommendations. You will also want to discuss pricing and time frames so that you know what to expect. And don’t forget – cheaper is rarely better!

Enjoy the Hunt of a Lifetime at The Wilderness Reserve!